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Refined Wedding planning & design for the Modern bride.

High-touch, concierge-style wedding ​planning & design, The Modern Bride Concierge redefines the luxury experience for the bride who believes that quality, expertise, and convenience are the ultimate forms of luxury. 

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Refined Wedding planning & design for the Modern bride.


"I’m a                      woman in the sense of
I take care of myself, I’m fiercely ​independent, and I’m really ambitious."


Eva Mendes

This means you are the focus, and we act as your ​personal concierge who ensures you get it all -- a ​stress-free planning experience, high-quality ​execution, 15+ years of expertise, creative ​personalization, and unconditional dedication ​until the bittersweet end.

And that’s not all -- We bring our special brand of ​refined and timeless magic to elevate ​current trends and past traditions with a touch of chic, ​and sophisticated style. 

At The Modern Bride ​Concierge, we provide

A hospitality-focused, concierge-style ​wedding planning service - done ​with Luxury & Style. 

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for the busy, ​ambitious, trailblazing bride.

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Because luxury is no longer just about ​price. To a modern bride, the ultimate ​form of luxury is comfort, quality, ​expertise, and convenience.
Modern brides know the value of peace ​of mind, enjoy polished touches of ​hospitality, and desire no less than a ​premium experience.

I’m Brittanie Seymone, ​and I am redefining what luxury ​weddings mean to The Modern ​Bride in Los Angeles and Orange ​County.

Meet our founder

We curate an experience so involved, that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the planning process, and ease the overwhelm. Planning your special day shouldn’t feel like an inconvenient task on your growing to-do list, but a thoughtful, luxury experience for you and your groom to indulge in.

Signature service

We specialize in timeless design with modern touches, meticulous ​planning, and a high-touch concierge-style approach that adds ​a feeling of luxury to your wedding day.


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Our signature services are tailored for couples who ​desire professional planning ​and design from the beginning of the process, ensuring a ​seamless experience from ​inception to completion.

Service Highlights 
12+ Months of Planning
Venue Scouting Report
Vendor Matchmaking Process
Wedding Design Guides
Budget Creation & Management
Day-of Coordination
& more

Brittanie was so helpful with coordinating so many of the details of our wedding. I felt calm and at ease before the wedding, and on the day of, knowing she had everything under control! Book her! She's amazing, kind, and good at what she does!

The ReyNoldS

"i felt calm and at ease"

She planned my wedding last year and it was absolutely beautiful. Brittanie was organized and always on top of everything. I recommend her to any newly engaged couple I run into!

The SessioNs

"brittanie is amazing!"

the reynolds

I felt calm and at ease before the wedding, and on the day of, knowing Brittanie had everything under control!

The modern bride is a chic, sophisticated, confident woman who knows what she wants and has no limits. Her style is unmatched, glamorous, and bold. She is the epitome of elegance, style, and grace.

Work with us, and let the planning process ​mirror the grace with which you navigate your ​busy life, without adding unnecessary ​stress to your already hectic schedule.

The ​Modern Bride Concierge promises a flawless celebration that ​authentically reflects the elegance and sophistication ​you embody and get time to actually ​enjoy it all!

Planning your special day should be ​a thoughtful, luxurious experience ​that you can indulge in.

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We couldn’t have had our perfect day without the entire Modern bride team!